Reports on progress

17 March 2021 – we will present our ongoing work on this project at the Near Eastern Studies Lecture Series at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, from 12:00-1:30pm.

  • 2 March 2021: we are now building our first mock website, and experimenting with new visualization tools. For the latter, turn to the ‘Data Visualizations’ section
  • 18 January 2021: now that our printed books data set is more or less fixed, though still not finished, we are using it to begin building our TEI XML database
  • 18 December 2020: we have completed double checking our printed books data set, and now will begin to meet to discuss identifications that we’ve flagged as being uncertain
  • 1 October 2020: we are beginning to tinker with building our data visualizations, as we continue to double-check our printed books data set
  • 20 July 2020: the final double-check of our transcription of al-Najjari’s inventory is complete, thanks to the work and expertise of Rezk Nori from Cairo. We continue to make progress on double-checking our dataset based on the inventory transcript, with a particular focus on the information that we’ve collected for the printed books
  • 23 May 2020: we describe the categories for which we hand gather information to populate our database — see our “Category Remarks: Printed Books” posting under the “Reflections” page
  • 1 April 2020: we describe our methodology for identifying printed titles and entering information about them into our database, and explain our ‘degrees of certainty’ approach — see our “Methodological Remarks” posting under the “Reflections” page
  • 7 February 2020: we have logged our manuscript titles from the inventory
  • Winter/Spring 2020: we continue to double-check and capture extra-bibliographic data for our print data set
  • 12 October 2019: at our Workshop at Duke, we determined to convert our data into two formats (XML TEI and RDF)