Printed titles

We are hard at work on researching and logging our printed titles, with nearly 280 inventory entries, for which we are also compiling around 50 extra categories of bibliographic and extra-bibliographic data.

Every printed title in the inventory states whether it was printed by the Egyptian government, how many volumes it contained, and an estimated value for the book from 1870 in qirsh. Sometimes it lists a short descriptive note about the work.

Our extra-extra bibliographic categories for the printed titles include, wherever possible, items such as:

-PDF of scanned text
-Name of text’s author
-Name of text’s translator
-Original value of text when first printed
-Name of publisher
-Location of publisher
-Date of publication
-Physical location of surviving copy
-Ownership seals information
-Ownership inscription transcriptions and dates
-Taqrīẓ/tārīkh author and dates
-Whether the text is a typography or lithography
-If lithography, name of copyist
-Name of corrector
-Number of pages in text

Screenshot from our printed titles data set